Day 4 – LA to SLO

Day 4 started early with a drama before I’d gone to bed for day 3. I decided to put some locations into my Navman only to find no US maps, no US online Navman store or no helpful suggestions. Phoned Mum at home and spoke to her and tried to install Go To My PC on my computer at home to see if I could copy the files over to my computer and then on to my Navman but that failed too. Then Go To My PC crashed. Easy my arse! You don’t need to be at home my arse!


Around 5am I went to bed mapless and took advantage of the late check out. I wanted to get up the road to Budget but the LAX shuttle wouldn’t drop me and my bags there and I wasn’t walking 15 minutes with  my bags if I could help it. So the lady at the motel let me keep my bags there and I walked to Budget and waited in line.


When I got the car, I was very happy to find that I’d been upgraded to  a Jeep Patriot. The guy at Budget who served me was called Jesus. So Christ let me into America and then I found Jesus! I’ll be here all week, try the veal!


I got in (on the left hand side  of the car!) and drove out of the parking area. As soon as I made it into the street, I decided to turn right but to do that, I had to do it by getting around a stationary car carrier that was blocking the right hand side of the road. So to do this, my first part of my first drive in America was on the left hand side of the road like I have always done!

After a few laps around nearby streets and sometimes getting the indicators mixed up (down for left, up for right) on the left hand side of the wheel, I got back to the motel. The wipers are on the right of the wheel. So in other words, the total opposite to my car at home.


I got my bags from the motel, the lady asked me if I knew which bags were mine! I headed off to Radioshack to see if I could buy new maps for the Navman but was told that they don’t sell the maps anymore and that I’d have to go to Best Buy that was 30 minutes drive away. Screw that, I thought!

With a few more streets in the local area, I got onto I-405 but was heading south instead of north. I exited in Inglewood and drove around for a bit until I hit another Interstate and headed north. I found California Highway 1 and headed north on that, it was very scenic. At Oxnard, I found US Highway 101 and headed north onto that. That road was not the highway I was expecting but mostly like the Interstates that I’d already been on.


At Sometown (I don’t know which one but Google Maps tells me Carpinteria), I saw an exit for Santa Claus Road. So I exited there hoping to see a sign to take a photo of. But then I saw a Fire Engine (Engine 62) and decided to follow it for a while to see where it would go. It would either lead me to their Fire Station or food but I got bored after a few minutes and headed back onto 101.

After a food stop and a couple of photo/call Shawno stops, I made it into SLO and Hyper  Nonsense HQ. Shawno and Jen were quite happy to let me drive them out for dinner so we went to Panda Express.



There was an Australian English to Asian English problem and I was given the wrong food. The food I that I thought I wanted wasn’t and I enjoyed the crumbed shrimp better. But it wasn’t about the Panda Express food I was there for but the experience and to be out with a couple of mates. Just like you don’t go to Hooters for the food but the food is a bonus.

After mucking around in Panda Express, we headed to downtown SLO and parked the car. We then walked past a certain bookstore that Hyper Nonsense and Inside My Head listeners know all too well but it interesting to see with my own eyes. It was a massive building over 2 floors. Some of the shops including that one were still open.

We had a look at Bubblegum Alley where people put used Bubblegum on the wall and it is a tourist attraction. Some people use it for advertising. And it REALLY smells of bubblegum! Shawno hadn’t really smelt it before but it stood out last night!


Got some shots there and then had an enjoyable night at karaoke at Mother’s Tavern. It was going off and it was only Monday night! If I’m really nice to Shawno, those videos might never make the interweb!

After a long but enjoyable day, it was time to head back and get some sleep.




Day 5 (Tuesday) will see Erk & Shawno hang out until Jen gets home from work and later record an episode of Hyper Nonsense.


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  1. I am still laughing at Christ letting you into the country, and you then finding Jesus! 🙂

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